Welcome to Walk with Ease!


Thank you for your interest in the Walk With Ease Program! 

Your participation is completely voluntary and you may choose to skip questions that you are not comfortable answering, or you may elect to withdraw your participation and not submit the survey.

Any names and email addresses being provided as part of this survey will only be used to link your survey responses together to allow us to track changes over time. Any identifying information provided will be removed as soon as survey responses are linked.  This information will be stored in a private, secure database system and I can request a copy of the information at any time.  Survey results will only be reported at a group level, and any feedback you provide will have any identifying information removed before being shared.

Information related to your program participation (attendance, walking session progress), and/or use of coaching (number of sessions, session duration) may be linked to your survey responses to help us identify factors that lead to successful behavior change and also to make improvements to the Walk With Ease program.

If you have any questions, or would prefer to opt out of sharing program data, please contact WalkWithEase@iastate.edu.

By continuing you confirm your understanding and agree that information about program participation and health outcomes can be used to research and improvement of the program.