Welcome to Walk with Ease!

If you'd like to move more, feel better, manage joint pain and stiffness, and be able to do more of what you love - you're in the right place! Walk With Ease is a six-week physical activity program was developed by the Arthritis Foundation, and has been shown to reduce pain, increase balance and strength, and improve your overall health. 

How it Works

You'll use this portal to complete the program on your own time, setting the goals that are right for you. Once you click 'begin' and create an account, you will have access to all six weeks of the Walk With Ease program at no cost, including informative articles and videos and the ability to keep track of your goals and walking minutes. You may purchase an e-guidebook to supplement these materials, or decline the purchase and still have full access to the resources and features of the portal.

You will be asked a few questions about your current health habits before and after you start the course. This will help us continue to offer this program for free, but we will not collect or retain any personally identifiable information from you.

This website is provided in collaboration with the Michigan Arthritis Program, the Osteoarthritis Action Alliance and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.